Lately I visited Puglia in Southern Italy. It’s the province of the heel of the boot – if you know what I mean! As Diego works in Brindisi, we made daytrips from there. Everything is very close by, from Brindisi we didn’t spend more than 1,5 hour driving to all the locations. I loved the cristal blue water, the iconic olive tree fields and the nature all around! Find below the places we visited in 4 days!

Day 1: Punta Prosciutto and Porto Cesareo

On the first day, we visited Punta Prosciutto. A beach with very clear water and enough space for everyone! We used our GoPro to take underwater pictures because the water was so clear that even from a distance you could see everything very clear!

Then we went to Porto Cesareo, a touristic town with a port and water all around. It was nice to walk through, but we only spent there about an hour and a half to have a drink and walk through the city centre.

Day 2: Grotta della Poesia and Laghi Alimini

Near Torre dell’Orso on the Adriatic side of the heel, you find the Grotta della Poesia. It’s a circular shaped open cave with water in the middle. People like to jump off as the water is very deep. You can swim under a naturally shaped tunnel to the open sea! The sunlight creates a magical effect on the super blue water! Very touristic place, but worth a visit, especially if you like some activity on your holidays.

We continued our trip to Laghi Alimini. We parked the car and went with a little bus that looked like a train to the beach. I was not too enthusiastic about the beach itself, but there were many activities such as going on a floating banana or paragliding behind a speedboat. It was much fun to watch!

Day 3: Gallipoli and Punta Suina

On the third day, we visited Gallipoli, but there were a lot of thunderstorms in the area. However I was very happy that we decided to go regardless of the weather, as we really enjoyed walking in the old town of Gallipoli and later on, when we drove to the nature reserve of Punta Suina, the sky cleared and we spent a great time on the beach around sunset! Finding the beach was quite an adventure as we had to cross some sort of forest by foot. At some point, the only clue we had was the sound of the sea, to know in which direction to go!

Day 4: Malibu Beach, Santa Maria di Leuca and Otranto

On the last day we really wanted to start with some relaxing on the beach, so we went to Malibu (or Cocoloco) Beach. Again, amazing blue water that never gets odd. We then continued to Santa Maria di Leuca, the most Southern point of Puglia. There is a great boulevard with the most beautiful villa’s and there is the light house on the hill that gives a great view over the city!

Our last spot was Otranto, where we went for dinner. Otranto’s old city is surrounded by castle-like walls and the whole city is old and beautiful! Tiny streets with a lot of people and I was all the time trying to imagine how the people lived here in the middle ages!

I really loved this trip in Puglia and I will definitely go back soon to enjoy these amazing places! Find the VLOG of Puglia below!

Puglia July 2018

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