VLOG #51: Do I love or hate my tie?

This week I had a nice and short week of flying: My first day was a standby day which was not activated! On the second day I did a flight from Palermo to Naples, then to Zakynthos, back to Naples and back to Palermo. On the third day, I flew again to Naples, from Naples to Skiathos, one of my favorite airports, and from Skiathos back via Naples to Palermo. It was a super short week and I was very happy!

I got so many questions about wheter I like or dislike to wear my tie and I figured I would tell you about it in this video! Also, I went to the beach at midnight! Watch this week’s vlog to see it all!

For the ones that don’t know me yet, I am an airline pilot, I live in Italy and I fly around Europe! I have an Instagram account @pilot_lindy where I upload all my adventures and since one year I upload week VLOGs on Youtube to share my life with you! It would be my pleasure to show you around the places I visit!

Don’t forget to put the THUMBS UP if you like this video and you can always subscribe to my channel to see my flying life as an airline pilot on a weekly basis! Visiting new cities, countries and continents and sharing all of it with you!

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