VLOG #52: My life as an expat in Italy

It has been 3,5 years since I moved to Italy, I moved to Venice first and two years later I changed base from Venice to Palermo (Sicily). Slowly but surely I became more and more Italian in the way I talk, think, act and eat. And I am PROUD of it!

I love to wake up in the morning and go for a cappucino with a croisant (cornetto alla crema). I love to make pasta for lunch, the italian way. Don’t put the pasta in the pan before the water boils and properly follow the package instructions. Pasta is sacred here. Another crime is to put pineapple on your pizza. Or drink cappucino after midday. You’ll see locals frowning when you do that, it’s the first thing that makes them realize you’re a tourist. Or an expat, like me.

Eating in Italy is so much more than just a functional habit or a necessary routine. It’s a way to live life. Plans and appointments are made either before lunch or after lunch. It took me a while to understand “Verso l’ora di pranzo” (around lunch time) is actually a set time (and don’t be late for the Sunday family lunch!).

The Italian lifestyle – I love it. Being more and more part of it, makes me feel very proud. And then, if my Italian boyfriend wants to interfere when I cook pasta, I’ll just let him do that. Because I can feel totally like an Italian from time to time, but when it comes to cooking Italian food, I will never manage to make it taste as Italian as the Italians do it. Even if we follow the same recipe! In the end of the video you find two recipes, one for Pasta al sugo di pomodoro (Simple pasta with tomato sauce) and one for pesto with fresh basil.

I hope you like this video, I know it’s a bit different than normal, I promise I’ll be back flying next week! Subscribe to my channel (for free) and follow my journey as an airline pilot, a Dutch expat in Italy, a traveller loving life!

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