VLOG #54: Something NEW and it’s gonna be AWESOME!


Yes, you’ve read it correctly: Something big is coming up! From now on, I will be vlogging every 2 weeks instead of every week. In the other weeks, I will be doing a ‘HOW DO PILOTS – series’, where I explain with animations what pilots do to, for example, navigate in the dark, determine the airplane altitude, how they cope with turbulence and much more!! I’m SO excited about this project and I really really hope that you will be too!

This is for you, to learn more about aviation, about the pilot job and about everything you’ve ever wanted to know. Subscribe to my channel, so that you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming videos!! Feel free to ask all your questions about aviation in the comments so that I get inspiration for upcoming videos! It would be great to create a community of aviation lovers where I can help you all to answer your questions and we can help each other to grow and follow our dreams!

This vlog is also about my late shifts at work, about enjoying the last month of summer and about flying my new DJI Mavic Air that I got from Diego! There will be a full drone video soon, as I just LOVE the videos that we make with it! Happy watching, see you next week!!

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