VLOG #59: Finding the hidden treasures of Rome – walking in a fairytale!


Quite sure you won’t believe me, but in Rome I found a little bit of London and a little bit of Barcelona! This time visiting Rome, I’ve been looking for the hidden treasures of Rome. I asked on Instagram for advice and did some googling myself, but most hidden gems I actually found by just strolling through the city!

I managed to do a green tour, where I tried to see as little traffic as possible and as much green parks as possible and as you can see in the video, it worked out quite well!

Here’s a list of the places that I visited (including the famous ones)!

– Colosseum / Colosseo
– Santo Stefano Rotondo
– Villa Celimontana
– Circus Maximus / Circo Massimo
– Giardino degli Aranci
– Buco della Serratura
– Bocca della Verità
– Arco di Giano
– Teatro Marcello
– Campidoglio (Marcus Aurelius horse statue)
– Altare della Patria
– Colonna Traiana
– Trevi Fountain / Fontana di Trevi
– Piazza di Spagna
– Piazza del Popolo
– Piccola Londra (Little London) — There you go, I found London!
– Laghetto di Villa Borghese
– Coppedè District / Quartiere Coppedè — And this is what reminds me of Barcelona, it sooo Gaudi!

Enjoy watching!!


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