Useful Links: Flight Schools with Airline Connections

This is a little list of a few flight schools that have good connections with airlines. Click on the location for more information!

OSM Aviation Academy – OSM Aviation Academy Website

Europe: Arendal, Norway  –  Västerås, Sweden

North America: Fort Lauderdale, United States

CAE Airline Pilot Training – CAE Airline Pilot Training Website

EuropeBrussels, Belgium – Madrid, Spain – Oslo, NorwayOxford, United Kingdom

Middle EastDammam, Saudi Arabia

AsiaGondia, India

North AmericaPhoenix, United States

OceaniaMelbourne, Australia – Tamworth, Australia

FTE Jerez – FTE Jerez Airline Schemes Website

Europe: Jerez, Spain

L3 Commercial Aviation Airline Academy

Europe: Bournemouth, United Kingdom – Coventry, United Kingdom – Cranfield, United Kingdom – Southampton, United Kingdom – Cascais, Portugal – Ponte de Sor, Portugal

Oceania: Hamilton, New Zealand


Note: I have listed these schools as I know many pilots in airlines that attended these schools. I have heard and read very good reviews of the schools listed, but I personally have no experience with any of the above schools. As always, do your research and be aware of the conditions and requirements before signing any contract.

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