Useful Links: Find a pilot job

Find below a list of webpages that can be useful to find a pilot job:

Pilot Career Centre

Pilot Career News

Pilot Jobs Network

Latest Pilot Jobs

Find below a list of websites where you can practice for the job interview and pilot aptitude tests!

Flight Deck Friend – Aptitude Tests

Flight Deck Friend – Pilot Selection Preparation

Latest Pilot Jobs – Aptitude Tests

Latest Pilot Jobs – Interview Preparation – Generic Tests

If you have any other webpage to suggest, let me know in the comments!

Useful Links: Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Courses

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Courses

Volfight MCC Course

Simulator type: B737NG

Duration: 7 days

Cost: 3000€ incl. Accommodation
(3700€ incl Accommodation for Jet Orientation Course JOC)

Location: Jönköping, Sweden


GTA MCC Course

Simulator type: B737 or A320

Duration: 9 days


2950€ for MCC Fixed Base Simulator,

3750€ for MCC Full Flight Simulator

3990€ for MCC + JOC (Jet Orientation Course)


Madrid, Spain – Jakarta, Indonesia – Bogotá, Colombia

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Useful Links: Flight Schools with Airline Connections

This is a little list of a few flight schools that have good connections with airlines. Click on the location for more information!

OSM Aviation Academy – OSM Aviation Academy Website

Europe: Arendal, Norway  –  Västerås, Sweden

North America: Fort Lauderdale, United States

CAE Airline Pilot Training – CAE Airline Pilot Training Website

EuropeBrussels, Belgium – Madrid, Spain – Oslo, NorwayOxford, United Kingdom

Middle EastDammam, Saudi Arabia

AsiaGondia, India

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How to become a Pilot #10: Airline Type Rating

When you’re hired by an airline as a pilot, you will need to do a specialisation course for the type of aircraft you are going to fly. It will start with theory about the airplane, about all the systems and the Standard Operational Procedures that you have to follow. How to set up the cockpit for a flight, how to do the system tests and how to work with the FMC (the Flight Management Computer, the little computer where you insert the desired route and all performance settings of your take off and landing).

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My own experience #09: Airline pilot at age 21

In September 2014, less than a year after graduation, I got an e-mail from my flight school to ask if I could send my CV. Volotea was visiting the school to go through the CVs of graduates. I sent my CV immediately and a few weeks later I was invited for the selection in Volotea. I asked for days off at work and went with my roommate Ruben, who was also invited for the selections, to Barcelona. We went a few days earlier to study together and be fully prepared for the interviews.

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How to become a Pilot #09: Find a pilot job

After you finish flight school, you have your licence in your pocket, it’s time to apply for jobs! For some people it’s easy: if they finish at a good time, where there are many pilot jobs available for low-experienced pilots or maybe if they know someone in a high position in an airline.

This post is meant for the pilots that are not so lucky. I am writing this from my own experience, so I know what situation you’re in. You are so ready to start working as a pilot, it has been your goal for so many years and now that you have your licence, all you want is to find a job and start flying!

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