Useful Links: Find a pilot job

Find below a list of webpages that can be useful to find a pilot job:

Pilot Career Centre

Pilot Career News

Pilot Jobs Network

Latest Pilot Jobs

Find below a list of websites where you can practice for the job interview and pilot aptitude tests!

Flight Deck Friend – Aptitude Tests

Flight Deck Friend – Pilot Selection Preparation

Latest Pilot Jobs – Aptitude Tests

Latest Pilot Jobs – Interview Preparation – Generic Tests

If you have any other webpage to suggest, let me know in the comments!

Useful Links: Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Courses

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Courses

Volfight MCC Course

Simulator type: B737NG

Duration: 7 days

Cost: 3000€ incl. Accommodation
(3700€ incl Accommodation for Jet Orientation Course JOC)

Location: Jönköping, Sweden


GTA MCC Course

Simulator type: B737 or A320

Duration: 9 days


2950€ for MCC Fixed Base Simulator,

3750€ for MCC Full Flight Simulator

3990€ for MCC + JOC (Jet Orientation Course)


Madrid, Spain – Jakarta, Indonesia – Bogotá, Colombia

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Useful Links: Flight Schools with Airline Connections

This is a little list of a few flight schools that have good connections with airlines. Click on the location for more information!

OSM Aviation Academy – OSM Aviation Academy Website

Europe: Arendal, Norway  –  Västerås, Sweden

North America: Fort Lauderdale, United States

CAE Airline Pilot Training – CAE Airline Pilot Training Website

EuropeBrussels, Belgium – Madrid, Spain – Oslo, NorwayOxford, United Kingdom

Middle EastDammam, Saudi Arabia

AsiaGondia, India

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