VLOG #60: South Africa Adventure – Cape Town and Stellenbosch


A helicopter flight over the Cape Peninsula, visiting Penguins in Boulders Beach, riding horses near giraffes and zebras in Stellenbosch: An AMAZING START of our holidays in South Africa!

A lifelong dream came true: We visited South Africa! We were there for 12 days and really made the most out of it!! This video is the first of the three South Africa VLOGs that I made and is all about our first 4 days in South Africa.

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VLOG #58: From The Netherlands to Italy by car!


As I drove my car to Holland last week for the yearly revision, I went this week with Diego to Amsterdam to pick the car up and spend time with my family!

We flew to Amsterdam via Naples and enjoyed a lovely day in Amsterdam and Friesland in the North! We then drove via Lelystad Airport (gotta watch some planes once in a while!) towards Strasbourg, where we slept at my friend Ruben’s place.

The next day, the journey continued via Germany and Switzerland to Italy, where we dropped off the car at the boat and we took a plane back to Palermo as we didn’t feel like spending 20+ hours on the ferry!

I really hope you enjoy the views of my home country and en-route to Italy throughout Europe! Happy watching!

VLOG #57: I just can’t get enough of flying!

”Do you ever get enough of flying?” Consider this video as my answer to that question!

I just LOVE being in the air, in any type of airplane, especially in formation with other aircraft! Thankfully my boyfriend is an awesome pilot and shows me what these little TB-9 airplanes are capable of! Besides the views and the formation flying, we did an awesome low pass over the runway! I hope you like the video!!

Do you ever get enough of flying?

VLOG #56: At the aeroclub & Visit the control tower


This week we went to Boccadifalco airport on a rainy Sunday, in October there is in Palermo an event called Le Vie dei Tesori and in the weekends, people can visit many places that are usually not accessible. The airport of Boccadifalco is one of the places to visit. We did a tour to the control tower and watched airplanes!

A few days later, I had to go back to work, but Diego tookover the vlog camera and showed his experience at the aeroclub and whilst flying! I really hope you enjoy this video! Let me know if Diego did well on the VLOG take over 🙂

See you next week!

VLOG #55: In Spain for a course and enjoying the Spanish Lifestyle!

This week I got to visit Spain for work and I really enjoyed being in Mallorca and Madrid for a few days! The first day we spent at Mallorca, visiting Palma, relaxing at the beach and exploring the underwater world with my GoPro! All of that in one day, because in the evening we flew to Madrid!

I have lived in Madrid for two years and the course I was attending was actually at the same airport as my flight school! It felt so great being back! We met up with Robert, my former roommate and one of my best friends.

I have written down all the locations we visited, so that you know where to go if you ever visit Madrid or Mallorca! Subscribe to my channel, so that you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming videos!! Happy watching, see you next week!!

VLOG #54: Something NEW and it’s gonna be AWESOME!


Yes, you’ve read it correctly: Something big is coming up! From now on, I will be vlogging every 2 weeks instead of every week. In the other weeks, I will be doing a ‘HOW DO PILOTS – series’, where I explain with animations what pilots do to, for example, navigate in the dark, determine the airplane altitude, how they cope with turbulence and much more!! I’m SO excited about this project and I really really hope that you will be too!

This is for you, to learn more about aviation, about the pilot job and about everything you’ve ever wanted to know. Subscribe to my channel, so that you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming videos!! Feel free to ask all your questions about aviation in the comments so that I get inspiration for upcoming videos! It would be great to create a community of aviation lovers where I can help you all to answer your questions and we can help each other to grow and follow our dreams!

This vlog is also about my late shifts at work, about enjoying the last month of summer and about flying my new DJI Mavic Air that I got from Diego! There will be a full drone video soon, as I just LOVE the videos that we make with it! Happy watching, see you next week!!

VLOG #53: In the cockpit to Amsterdam!


My three day trip to Amsterdam started with an awesome flight on the jumpseat in the cockpit of an Airbus A320! It was really nice to see the pilots doing their job, it’s quite different from the plane that I fly!

Together with Diego I spent three amazing days in Amsterdam, meeting up with friends and family and riding a bike through the beautiful city centre!